What is ‘covered’ and ‘not covered’ by OHIP

OHIP eligible and not eligible expenses

I came across this news article on how an Alberta mother had to pay more than $10,000 for availing air ambulance service and I thought I would share some information on some important health care expenses and whether or not they are covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). (Note: Most of us will have additional coverage from group insurance offered by our full time … [Read more...]

Newcomer’s Guide to Buying Car Insurance in Canada

Car insurance is among those things that every person requires and everybody wish to spend less for. Rates for car insurance can often change, so the insurance company that gave you the best rate in earlier times, may no longer give you the best rate nowadays, therefore, the most effective way to pick the best for you is to shop around. Some facts you need to know about Car … [Read more...]

Top car insurance companies in California

Selecting the best insurance company will make you have peace in case of any accident, or when your car has been stolen.  There are several advantages that come with taking time to research about the car insurers and finding the best suitable one for you. Most of the top car insurance companies are affordable, responsive and have high value of services.. It is, therefore, … [Read more...]

Best online car insurance quote providers in Ontario

Ontario online car insurance quote websites

Auto insurance premiums form a huge chunk of monthly expenses for an average Canadian family. And almost every car owner spends a lot of time and effort in internet in searching for that magic 'best deal' in the market. Sadly there are tons of online brokers and exclusive insurance company agents sites that claim to provide you the best online quote. So, I thought I would help … [Read more...]

Tips for car rental insurance in North America


Things to know while taking car rental insurance: Not owning a car in US or Canada can make life harder, yet there are quite a few of us in that category. And obviously we resort to rental cars to fill in the gaps in our needs. As some one who have been enjoying renting car, particularly while I go on trips, I have learnt a thing or two about car rental insurance that … [Read more...]