Top car insurance companies in California

Selecting the best insurance company will make you have peace in case of any accident, or when your car has been stolen.  There are several advantages that come with taking time to research about the car insurers and finding the best suitable one for you. Most of the top car insurance companies are affordable, responsive […]

Best online car insurance quote providers in Ontario

Auto insurance premiums form a huge chunk of monthly expenses for an average Canadian family. And almost every car owner spends a lot of time and effort in internet in searching for that magic ‘best deal’ in the market. Sadly there are tons of online brokers and exclusive insurance company agents sites that claim to […]

What is Earned Premium in Insurance?

What is Earned Premium? Earned premium is the part of the premium (collected by the insurance company) that can be attributed to the period of the policy that is already over. For e.g. if you are paying $1200 per year as premium for a particular risk coverage for a year, and the first 3 months […]

All you need to know about Llyod’s of London

What is Lloyds of London? Lloyds of London is one of the world’s oldest and most popular insurance markets headquartered in London. It is not an insurance company, it’s a market regulated and overseen by Lloyds Corporation. It has a unique position in the industry for providing coverage for most complex and unique risks. The […]

Top issues faced by today’s world insurance companies

Top issues faced by insurance companies Regulations The regulatory environment has always been one of the most influential force affecting the insurance companies, and with no surprise it still remains one of the important concerns. In the 2012 PwC 15th annual global CEO survey ,the over regulation pushing the insurance companies has been voted as the […]